• 3-point mount design with Category 3N and 3 hitch.
  • Toolbar widths available in 42.5', 37.5', 32.5' and 27.5' working widths on 30" spacing.
  • Heavy-duty 4"x6" mainframe with 38" of toolbar rank for increased residue flow.
  • Wing flex of 16° up on the primary wing to follow ground contours.
  • Lighting kit and two parking stands for safer travel and storage.



  • The lead Super 1200 coulters feature 4-bolt hubs and 20" fluted blades to clear a path for the shank and slice through residue:
    • Coulters feature 1,200 lbs. of down force and 30° of swivel.
  • 1 1/4" edgebent shanks feature SCS (spring cushion shank) twin-spring mounts for reliable and consistent working depth.
  • Standard 3/4" wide mole knives feature a 3/8" tube for applying anhydrous ammonia.
    • Other knives optional.


  • Trailing DiscCover sealers feature two notched blades that are angled to fill and seal the slot which prevents fertilizer loss.
    • Disc sealer arms operate independently from each other for continuous soil contact.
    • 17" of overall travel and 9" of vertical travel from working depth allows the sealers to climb over obstacles.
    • Flat face, zero-maintenance hub with a 6-bolt design and sealed bearings.
    • Optional down pressure springs can be added for tough soils.


Plumbing & Cooler

  • 1-section plumbing with John Blue Impellicone and Raven shutoff valve.
    • Optional 2-section plumbing with John Blue Impellicones or Continental A360 manifolds.
  • Raven ISOBUS rate controller allows the operator to utilize the virtual terminal monitor in the tractor cab.
  • 50 gallon per minute Raven Vortex cooler with 1.5" single fast valve.

Nurse Tank Connection

  • Tool-free adjustable rear nurse tank hitch features a telescoping design for easy nurse tank hookup:
    • This unique design allows the operator to telescope the tongue in so when the operator pulls away it automatically locks.  No need to back the applicator up to lock the hitch and then pull away.
  • Single SuperShooter III nurse tank connection with 1.25" plumbing features a splash guard and quick disconnect for safe and easy operation.


Sealer Options

  • SealPro II disc sealer provides the same features as the DiscCover sealers and adds greaseless 1 1/4" plated pivot shafts with self-lubricating bushings for reduced maintenance.
  • 17" wavy blades in-lieu of the standard notched blades on the DiscCover and SealPro II disc sealers.

Distribution Options

  • 2-section John Blue Impellicones for increased application consistency and reduced anhydrous ammonia waste:
    • Also available are 1- or 2-section Continental A360 manifolds to meet individual grower preferences.
  • Single Continental cooler with 46 gallon per minute application rate and 1.5" single fast valve:
  • Dual 1.5" valves for precise control
    • Both the single fast valve and dual valve option are available with a low-volume valve that reduces output to 30 gallons per minute.

Nurse Tank Connection Options

  • Double SuperShooter III nurse tank connection systems with 1.25" plumbing for tending multiple nurse tanks.
  • Single SuperShooter III nurse tank connection system with 1.5" plumbing.
    • Also available in a dual system.