• The SubTiller II features a double 4"x6" frame constructed of 1/2" tubing for an economical design.
  • The frame features 32" of under frame clearance to allow residue to flow appropriately.
  • Frame widths are available to accommodate 3-, 5- or 7-shank sizes on 30" or 38" spacing.
  • Rigid frame features a CAT 2 or 3 three-point hitch.
  • Pin-adjust gauge wheels with 20.5x8-10 tires increase stability and permit depth adjustment.
  • Standard transport lights ensure safer road travel.


  • The lead Super 1200 coulter system slices through residue to create a path for the shank.
    • Includes 20" fluted blades with 4-bolt hubs.
    • Features 1,200 lbs. of down force and 30° of swivel


  • The SubTiller II is available with a shear-bolt trip mechanism that features 9,000 lbs. of shear pressure and can be used in lighter, rock-free soils.
  • Shanks are 1 1/4" wide by 6" deep by 44" tall and are made of high-carbon steel for long-term use.
    • Penetrate from 14" to 18" deep and fracture all the way across a 30" row with limited surface disturbance.
    • Recommended horsepower requirements are 30-50 HP per shank, depending on soil type.
  • Heat-treated and reversible vertical wear guard and 3" wide CADI (carbidic austempered ductile iron) fall point for longevity.

3-Point Caddy

  • The optional Model 125 3-point implement caddy easily converts any 3-point tillage tool into a pull-type machine.  The caddy features IF320/70x15 dual wheels and tires and is painted in a high-gloss black for a long-lasting finish.


  • Weld-on shank wear plates protect the shank from abrasive soils.
  • 2" wide CADI summer point for reduced soil disturbance under the surface.
  • Pull-type conversion kits hook to the SubTiller's 3-point hitch and feature a CAT 3 or CAT 4 hitch and single or dual tires depending on size.
    • Available on 5- and 7-shank models.