15-Series Liquid Fertilizer Side Dress Applicator


The 15-Series lineup of Blu-Jet liquid fertilizer applicators allows you to increase yields and reduce inputs without breaking the bank!  These side dress applicators feature a wide range of toolbar widths and tank capacities to fit different operation sizes and many accessories that allow you to customize to your needs.  Whether just entering the liquid sidedress market or upgrading your operation to more capacity, there's a 15-Series applicator to fit your needs.

Comparing Liquid Fertilizer Applicators

Due to continuing improvements in the design and manufacture of Unverferth products, all specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice.
Tank Capacity
(U.S. gallons)
1775 1400 1025
Tank Style Cone Bottom Cone Bottom Elliptical
Toolbar Widths 37.5’ to 62.5’ 27.5’ to 57.5’ 27.5’ to 42.5’
Row Spacings 15”, 18”, 20” &30” 15”, 18”, 20”, 22”& 30” 20”, 22” & 30”
Plumbing 3” Bottom Fill 3” Bottom Fill 2” Bottom Fill
Toolbar 7” x 7”
Mainframe Tubing Thickness 3/8”
Wing Flex ± 7°
Dual-Width Application 15- & 17-Row30” operate at 11-Row
23- & 25-Row30” operate at 17-Row
Gull Wing Tilt 15-Row 30” &Larger Toolbars
Mainframe Wheels and Tires Single 380/90x46Radial Tires Single 320/90x46Radial Tires Single 320/85x38Radial Tires
Hubs 10-Bolt 10-Bolt 8-Bolt