• Models 4615, 4015 and 3015 feature tank capacities of 1775, 1400 and 1025 gallons.
    • Models 4615 and 4015 feature a cone bottom tank design which centers the weight over the axle for increased stability while enhancing cleanout.
    • Model 3015 features an elliptical tank for a low-profile design and is mounted perpendicular to the hitch for added stability.
  • Models 4615 and 4015 feature 3" and model 3015 features 2" bottom-fill tank plumbing for easy access and quick filling.
  • Tank volume indicator with ball float permits easy checking of the fill level from the tractor cab.
  • Conviently located 9-gallon clean water wash tank and storage box combination for quick and easy access.


  • Model 4615 features toolbar widths from 62.5' to 37.5' on 30", 20", 18" or 15" spacing depending on size.
  • Model 4015 features toolbar widths from 57.5' to 27.5' on 30", 22", 20", 18" or 15" spacing depending on size.
  • Model 3015 features toolbar widths from 42.5' to 27.5' on 30", 22" or 20" spacing depending on size.
  • Dual-width application for added versatility available on 62.5', 57.5', 42.5' and 37.5' models on 30" spacing.
  • 7"x7" tubing on the toolbar provides added strength and wing flex ±7° to follow ground contours.
  • 37.5' and larger toolbars feature gull-wing tilt for crop clearance while turning on end rows.
  • Pin-adjust gauge wheels on the toolbar wings permit quick and easy height adjustment.


  • Short-coupled hitch to axle measurement permits a tighter turning radius and reduces run-down on end rows.
  • Gooseneck hitch design increases in-row stability and adds down pressure to the coulters for penetrating tougher soils.
  • CAT 4 single tang and clevis tractor hitches are included.
  • 30" axle clearance allows the operator to apply in taller crops.
  • Transport chain, lower light bar and safety jack permit safer road transport and storage.
  • Rigid axle features 120" tread width, 10-bolt hubs on models 4615 and 4015 and 8-bolt hubs on model 3015.
  • Model 4615 is standard with 380/90x46 single radial tires.
  • Model 4015 is standard with 380/90x46 single radial tires.
  • Model 3015 is standard with 320/85x38 single radial tires.



  • Positive contact ground-drive pump system with a 155/80 R12 tire for dependable operation.
    • The NGP-7055 single piston pump provides 34.2 gallons-per-minute of maximum flow on 52.5' to 27.5' toolbars.
    • The NGP-9055 double piston pump provides 68.4 gallons-per-minute of maximum flow on 62.5' to 57.5' toolbars.
  • Full-length 3/4" manifold plumbing and standard 1-section control.
    • Optional 3- and 5-section plumbing is available with centrifugal hydraulic pump option.


  • The Super 1200 coulter system features 4-bolt hubs and 20" smooth blades to slice through residue and create a slot for the fertilizer.
    • Features 1,200 lbs. of down pressure and 30° swivel to follow ground contours.
  • Standard JetStream liquid injection system features high-pressure nozzles which direct the fertilizer stream into the slot created by the coulter.
    • Injection knife option is available.



Plumbing Options

  • On 52.5' to 27.5' toolbars, a double piston NGP-9055 positive contact ground drive pump is available and features 68.4 gallons per minute of maximum flow.
  • Ace 205 centrifigually driven hydraulic pump is available for 1-, 3- or 5-section plumbing.
    • Requires the Raven 450 or ISOBUS rate control option.

Injection Options

  • Injection knives are available for the Super 1200 and feature adjustable positioning to meet the needs of different soil profiles.

Narrow Transport Package

  • Narrow transport package reduces the transport width for easier movement from field to field.
    • Reduces the overall transport width on models 4615 and 4015 from 16' 8" to 13' 4", depending on toolbar width.
    • Reduces the overall transport width on model 3015 from 13' 4" to 13' 1", depending on toolbar width.